Sunday, August 12, 2018

Miami Wedding

While my parents were here for Arizona's dance recital, Daniel and I made the trip out to Miami for his sister, Elaine's wedding. My parents were kind enough to watch the girls for four days while we set off to celebrate. We were excited to have a mini vacation and of course going to Miami was icing on the cake. We spent an afternoon at the beach but most of our time was with family eating out or getting ready for the wedding itself. Elaine and Chris looked radiant on their wedding day and we are so happy to have another brother in law added into the family.



Dance Your Heart Out Girl

It was Arizona's last year doing ballet and tap at the Dance Institute. She loved dancing all three years but was ready to tackle a new hobby. It's been amazing to watch her mature, and keep focus during her ballet lessons and especially during the recital. She has always been excited to dance on stage and show off what she's learned throughout the year. We are considering putting her in Jazz, but for now, she will do Soccer and an art class. We love our little dancer.

                                                           Cute group of girls from church

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dallas Symphony

Daniel and I got free tickets to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and it was amazing! I am always impressed with the talent these musicians and singers have. It was the conductor's final night performing with the Dallas Symphony. The mayor of Dallas was in attendance and presented him with an award and a special send off. It was a wonderful night and it was great to be a witness to it. 

Sadly for our family, we had to say goodbye to our stray cat Mange. We did fall in love with her and really wanted it to work out, but Mange had a lot of issues that we financially could not take care of. It was a big stressor for me and I just had to make the decision to let go and give her to a family that would better take of her. The girls were very sad about it but have fond memories of her and knew that this was best for our family and sweet Mange. 

Mother's Day/ Last days of school

 It was a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating with these three beautiful girls. I had a wonderful breakfast, fun gifts and down time for myself. It is truly a joy being the mother of these children.

I mean, why not. I can't stand this cuteness.

Arizona's last month of school was filled with field trips and fun activities. All 4 kindergarten classes went to the zoo. Thankfully, I didn't go as a chaperon because it was so hot in Texas that last month. A very kind parent shared these photos with me. 

A couple of pics from her splash/reading day outside.

I cannot say enough of how wonderful a kindergarten teacher Arizona had. Mrs. Archer is the absolute sweetest and reminded me so much of my own kindergarten teacher. She always had high praise for Arizona and was so great to communicate with us about her progress. On her last day of school, it was sad to see how emotional Arizona became. She literally could not let Mrs. Archer go from an embrace. I'll be honest....I shed some tears too. It was sad to know she wouldn't be in Mrs. Archer's class anymore. We are hopeful her first grade teacher is just as amazing. And it's crazy to think she is no longer a kindergartener. 

A celebratory ice cream treat on the last day of school with her after school friends.

Student of the Month and Flat Stanley

Arizona made student of the month for May and we were so proud of her and her accomplishment. As student of the month, she exemplifies six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. She absolutely does have these attributes and shows them daily at school.


Arizona also received a letter in the mail from her cousin Jacob. He had an assignment in school to send Flat Stanley, a character in a children's book series, that promotes improvement in writing and reading as well as showing interest in people and places. Arizona took Stanley into downtown with Daniel and bumped into a group of police officers who were kind enough to take a picture with her.  She also took pictures with other Dallas landmarks and just had a blast doing so.

Friday, July 6, 2018

General Silly- ness in April

Nearing the end of April, it was hard for me to think that Arizona's time in kindergarten was coming to an end. I wasn't fully thinking about it until May came around and the weather started to really get warm.



 While we were at school pickup, Brielle climbed on top of the bench, slipped and hit her eye hard on the edge. I'm not one to jump quickly when one of my kids cries (it might be because at child 3, they are either crying for attention or are exaggerating a feeling.) It turned out that she did really get herself hurt and quickly a black eye started to appear. Poor girl looked like she got into a fight. At least, she had some major street cred now.