Sunday, April 15, 2018

Super Saturday and Easter

I've been the head of the activities committee for our Relief Society group of women at my church for two years now. It is a fun calling and one where I am able to get to know the women more and create activities for them to go to and socialize.  We usually have a Super Saturday activity once a year- around September. This year we wanted to shake things up and do it in March. We did paint night, an Easter wreath, a floating flowering can and card making. 

 Easter was low key this year as it was General Conference. I didn't buy the girls specific dresses this year as I usually do. The girls enjoyed opening their Easter baskets and playing with their toys in the morning. We had an Easter dinner with friends and the food was delicious.We are grateful to be able to celebrate this season and to remember our Savior and his Resurrection. He is risen indeed!

Spring and Art

It is finally feeling warmer in Texas and we are soaking up the sun. On one particular day, the wind was strong and as the girls were out playing and I was reading a book- I had to capture a pic of the girls. Arizona was really into it and we got some good shots of her hair wisping in the wind. Look at those poses!

 Last month Arizona was selected along with a couple other kindergarteners at her school to participate in the annual LISD art show. Arizona has always loved to draw and create and she was excited to be selected by her art teacher to showcase her talents. As a kindergarten class, the students were asked to create their own gingerbread man. Arizona created a cook. She used all the materials given to her and made the outfit for her gingerbread man. It was really neat to see her work on the wall with so many other talented young artists.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Daddy Daughter Date

The girls and I were driving to Target one morning and we passed by Maggiano's, an Italian restaurant. As we were stopped at a red light, Arizona looked out the window and said, "That is such a beautiful building! I wish I could go in there someday." I explained to her that it was a restaurant her dad and I used to go to when we lived in Chicago. She was curious how it looked on the inside and I told her that she would have to ask daddy to take her there someday. Her wish came true, and her and Daniel got dressed up and set off for a daddy daughter date. They both looked so great and had a ton of fun.

Hey Ya'll

How lucky are we that we won a free lunch at Paula Deen's new restaurant in McKinney. A facebook contest had asked for people to enter to eat at the restaurant as a way to help with the training of their servers. All 8 of us in our gf group entered and one of us won! It was a great surprise that morning as we quickly planned how we were going to get rid of our kiddos and have a child free lunch at 11. Thankfully, we were able to find an awesome babysitter at short notice. The food was delicious and I was full the rest of the day.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Open House, Spring Break and of course Pi(e)

Arizona's school had an open house a couple weeks back where they performed 4 songs and showed us what the kindergarten class has been up to. It was Arizona's first performance on a stage- although according to her- performing at church during their Primary program doesn't count. They sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes, something about a lunch box treat, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and one I can't remember the title of. She really glows when she's up on stage.

On a different post, I mentioned that Arizona had won the raffle prize of eating lunch with Mrs. Archer. After rescheduling a couple times, Arizona was finally able to eat with Mrs. Archer and she was joined with  Mrs. Sisson and her winner, Megan. 

Spring Break started last week and it was low key and relaxing. We didn't plan anything big which was fine by me. I am thinking next year- a trip somewhere close would be fun. Arizona had a sleepover with one of her friends from school. They stayed up way to late, but it's Spring Break- so they get a pass.
 Our alleyway is under major repaving so the noise level around here has been pretty high. I think the good news to this is that our driveway will be redone and part of our fence broke- so crossing our fingers- the city will pay for part of that. Our fence is really bad- so any damage done by the construction crew is welcome. Also, Daniel had a good teaching moment with the girls. They payed attention for maybe 2 minutes.

We held our annual Pi(e) party at our home on March 14th. We invited our friends over who brought delicious pie and we bought the pizza. It was a packed house of kiddos and I love that now we can finally do that with the space we have. Our pies included Chocolate Chip Pie, Oreo, Passionfruit, Coconut, Peach, Strawberry Lemon and Strawberry. So yummy and so fun.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Food, Kindergarten and a Baby

Our girls love to watch crafting and baking videos before bed. They will make comments about wanting to make a certain cake, or try a certain food and so Daniel committed to take it on with them. After watching a baking video they decided to make Mickey cupcakes. They went to the store, bought ingredients and went at it with the toppings.

 We also made our own pizzas. The girls loved to roll out the dough, and place the ingredients on top. Adeline loved to just sit there and cheer us on. Like many kiddos, they stick with the basics of sauce and cheese. Daniel's and my pizza had spinach, sausage, cheese, and pepperoni . We love to do hands on projects with the girls and the girls really look forward to learning something new. It's been so exciting for me to hear Arizona's curiosity on how things are cooked and prepared. I hope the girls will continue to want to learn and be excited about the little things in life.

                                                            Hat Day at Kindergarten

Mrs. Archer asked for volunteers for career day and I had originally planned on telling Daniel the date and time for him to show up and talk with a bunch of kindergarteners. It backfired on me when I responded to the email as Mrs. Archer asked me if I would be willing to talk as well. I was confused as to why she wanted me to speak, but she said she needed a stay at home mom. I happily accepted and was working out my 5 minute presentation of what I would tell the kiddos. It was great to present with Daniel too- and what's funny is that he talked about his prior career as a structural engineer.

We presented to four different kindergarten classes and those 5 minutes went by so quickly. I am obviously biased, but Arizona's class was my favorite. Her friends are a ton of fun and their smiles are infectious. I went in with a picture of the girls and told them all about what I do as a momma.    The two things I remember the most are telling them how I've been changing poopy diapers for 6 years. All you have to say is poop- and you got them! I also challenged the kids to help their mom out with a chore around the house.
Other presenters were a fitness instructor, nurse, speech pathologist, and the Chief of Police of Carrollton. When I asked Arizona who her favorite presenters were, she said the superhero lady. Ummmm... that's not a real profession. I found out later that my neighbor brought in super hero masks for the kids.She told the classes that each one of us has a special super power that we need to discover. This came from the insurance agent, what a stretch! But it captured the kids attention, so I have to give it to her. Arizona later followed by saying, we were a close second. Thanks kid.

This little nugget is my newest niece, Rebekah, David and Lorena's little girl. She was born on March 4th weighing in at 8lbs, 5 ounces. I love her squishy cheeks and I can't wait to meet her.