Wednesday, July 22, 2015

11 Months

Brielle is 11months old!! How did that happen? Oh yeah- all you have to do is blink. Brielle is definetly one of a kind. She can go from 0 to 60 in her temperament fast. She can be so sweet and so crabby. She can be the best cuddler and the best "leave me alone" swatter. Man, I love this baby and her crazies. 

Her dimples are showing so much more and she has 6 little choppers. Her two top teeth came in with a gap in the middle. It's so cute. I'm glad we chose to do baby led weaning with Brielle because she just loves food. I think I puréed a batch of carrots around 7 months and she wasn't a fan. She would much rather use her gums and teeth to mash her food. She basically eats anything- I don't know where she fits it all. 
Of course I had to dress them in the same outfit. AZ picked out this Strawberry Shortcake outfit at Walmart and the only smaller size they had for Brielle was an 18 month. Thankfully she's in the 99%- cause it fit really well. AZ loves Brie so much. Recently she's been singing to her when she cries or when she wants her to come close. The songs are pretty simple like- "Come Here, Come Here, Come Here!" Or "Brielle! Don't be sad! Don't be whiney. We love you! Stay quiet! Stay quiet!" It's hilarious. And let me not forget to mention that all of this singing is accompanied by her guitar which she likes to just call a "tar." Best purchase at the dollar store!

She waves bye bye and loves to point at people and things. She is so smart. She loves certain toys and will crawl or climb to them- pointing and say, EH! Eh! She especially loves Arizona's Thomas the train tent. If she ever- which is often- gets into a mini meltdown- just pull Thomas out and she's giddy with excitement.

    Don't you just want to squeeze this little face. 
She loves stuffed animals. She'll hug and get really cuddly with certain ones. Curious George is one of her favorites and Arizona's baby.

Happy 11months!! Soon I will have two toddlers. All it takes is a blink. 

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