Sunday, July 19, 2015


Daniel graduated with an MBA from Gozuieta Business School, Emory University in May. What an accomplishment for him. He worked so hard for two years. The MBA program is no joke- as the wife of an MBA student- I'm super glad he's done. The first year was intense. I didn't see him often and there were many days in a row that neither Arizona nor I saw him. The second year was a lot lighter for him fortunately since that is when Brielle was born. 

The best we could get with a family photo as the girls were getting ansy. Oh kids. 

I found this shot of Daniel and a few of his classmates on an article posted by NPR. The article focused on their commencement speaker- Salman Rushdie. It was pretty controversial. 

Daniels parents came up for the ceremony. It was awesome to have them and I know Daniel was so excited to show them around campus. 
                                                      Brielle with grandma

Arizona was so proud of her daddy. She was looking for him and anticipating his name being called. When she saw him- she ran up to him, past the rope barrier, and I had to convince her to come back with me. She probably would have gone on stage with him if I let her. 

Congrats to the grad!! Please let this be the last of his school days. 😏

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