Thursday, March 17, 2016

Oh Baby!

Introducing baby #3!! 

Daniel and I were talking the other day about how sweet and happy our girls have been- especially Brielle- and now we are starting over again. Ha! That's life. When you're so comfortable, you need something to change it all. We are very excited to have another little one join our family. 

I knew very early on that I was pregnant. I had all the normal pregnancy symptoms and once first trimester picked up, nausea and aches reared its ugly head. Man, was the first trimester with this one harder than my last two. I was sick all day and didn't want to eat anything. We announced our pregnancy to both our families over Christmas. This will be grand baby #28 for Daniel's parents and grand baby #3 for my parents. 

As second trimester approached, my baby bump was showing more and more. I decided not to tell anyone and just wait until it started to become obvious. I had wanted to keep this our little secret till 20 weeks but that was squashed by my growing belly. I guess you just start to show earlier and earlier with each pregnancy. It's not that I necessarily didn't want anyone to know, I was just not screaming it for the whole world to know. 

        20 week belly with my little photobomber Brielle. 

Arizona is so excited to have a new baby come into our family. If you ask her what she wants- she will  say a little brother. She has said on occasions that she wants two little brothers so it will even out the family. Sorry kid, only one baby in there. Thank goodness. And if you're wondering what we're having- well, you can stay wondering with us till July. We are not finding out the gender! You can be surprised with us. 

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  1. Congrats!! I need to get on here more and see your life! I'm so excited for you guys!