Friday, April 28, 2017

Adeline is 9 Months Old


Our sweet baby girl is 9 months old. She is truly a sweetheart and a happy baby. I could not have asked for a more calm and sweet girl. We had Adeline sleeping in our room for 7 months until I had enough and banished her to a crib. The decision was hard for me at first as it always is with each kid but as soon as I do it, I wonder why I didn't do it sooner. We had Brielle sleeping in a crib and that was fine because she couldn't climb out, but every morning we were greeted with a screaming upset child and I had had enough of that too. We also were debating what to do with Arizona- would we get a bunk bed for the girls, would we move Arizona to the guest bedroom and let her sleep in the big bed, essentially with each girl to their own room? It was a lengthy discussion and we decided on the latter. It made sense to give them each their own room for now and when guests come over, Arizona could sleep on the floor with Brielle. So, first night Adeline is in the crib- on the other side of the house from us- she cries out a number of times in the night (according to Daniel). I don't hear a thing because I am practically dead to the world since I've been sleep deprived for the past 7+ months (Let's not forget those months of pregnancy where I barely slept as well). As the nights progressed she slept longer and longer without waking and crying and I got longer than 3 hours at a time of sleep. I was feeling like a new woman! It's amazing how a good nights sleep can change your mood entirely. She has been sleeping thru the night and she is our first to do so at 8 months. The other girls were a year old. Like I said, she is our sweetheart of a baby. It reminds me too of her baby blessing where it says that she will be kind to others and show empathy. I truly believe that she shows that now by the way she looks at me and by letting me sleep.

Adeline also loves food. We are doing baby led weaning, which means she eats everything our family eats and she tries to feed herself. Here as well, she is my easiest to feed. She loves everything I've given her and not once has she spit out or gagged on something. Her ultimate favorites are bananas, any green veggie, and eggs.

Just in the last few weeks she has started to crawl. She is so excited and I am becoming a crazed momma over it. I feel like it's harder this time to let her roam free because there are so many more dangers. One-we have a bigger house. Two- the older girls leave everything out, every small thing is on the ground and Adeline puts everything in her mouth- so I fear she will choke. Three-We have hardwood floor- so her face has hit the ground pretty hard a number of times. This poor girl will just need to figure it out and I will just need to be vigilant at a distance.

Some other things she likes:
chewing on paper, rides in her stroller, storytime at the library, pulling on hair, rubbing her snot on my shirt, playing with bowls, cups, and measuring spoons, eating puffs, chewing on shoes, and watching her older sisters play.
Her stats: Weight- 18lbs. 12 ounces in the 50%
               Height- 28 inches in the 75-90%
We just love our sweet girl.


  1. You luck woman you! She's sleeping through the night!!! Wahoo!

  2. And she's a babe. And it makes me sad I've never met her.