Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Atlanta arrival

 We are officially in Atlanta and there is so much to do. We arrived on Sat the 13th and the flight was great. 60 empty seats on the plane!! Ari and I had our own row of three seats. Thankfully the flight is only 2 hours long, so we got here quickly. 

Ari was familiarizing herself with the safety instructions. Also, something to entertain her for a mere 2 minutes. 

Daniel did an amazing job with unpacking all of our boxes. All I needed to do was reorganize and decorate- which made my life so much easier. 

Our apartment is much bigger than our last one. We have a two bedroom, two bath place. It is an open concept layout, so it makes it quite convenient to be in the kitchen and watch Arizona at the same time.

The living room is so spacious without any of Arizona's toys. 
I've always wanted to do a wall of frames. I think it came out quite nice actually. 

Arizona's room is also her playroom. I like to look at a clutter free living room, it's peaceful. 

We have started to discover the area around us. We know where some shopping areas are, the library, and our supermarket. We also went to our new church ward on Sunday. The downside is that we have to travel 25 minutes to get there. Did I mention that we have 6 other LDS couples/families that live in this complex? It will be rather convenient when we hang out with them and not have to drive home with an overtired and cranky child.

Atlanta will be our new home for two years. After which, we hope to return to Chicago, but for now we will let this life lead us where it needs us to be.

               Our bedroom and master bath.

                         Guest bathroom

                         Dining room


  1. Nice place! What an exciting new adventure! But we all miss you guys!!

  2. I love it!! that kitchen look classy! And I love that Daniel is an allstar unpacker and not to mention (what I assume are) the flowers he got you in the last pic. What a sweetie!