Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family visits

There is something about the heat in Atlanta that I am not used to. I figured that I would be fine since the humidity in Chicago is pretty bad and Atlanta's humidity shouldn't be any worse right? WRONG! Here's the Chicago, it can be hot for a whole week and then there's relief. In Atlanta, there is no relief. It is an ongoing 86-90 degrees with humidity everyday. Not only is the heat unbearable, but the bugs here are huge! I would follow this statement with a picture to prove my point, but I don't have the time to run and grab my camera, take a pic and then squish it. That's not probable and not smart. Someone told Daniel the other day that when she lived in Pittsburgh, there was an occasional bug, she moved to North Carrolina then there were more bugs, and then got here to Atlanta and THERE ARE BUGS! At least I'm not the only one paranoid about the creepy crawlers.

On a positive note, we have lived in Atlanta for 1 month and already have visitors! We were so excited to have Robert, Laura, Emma and Connor visit from IL. The long 10 hour drive led them to us on Monday night and they stayed here till Thursday morning. Arizona has always loved other kids. She's fascinated by what they do and say. Of course, as any small child, she gets jealous and possessive of her things. All in all, she did a great job playing with them and in the days that followed she was utterly exhausted. 

We visited the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday and the kids loved running around. This place was the perfect size to see it all in just about two hours. They had these awesome plants shaped as animals. 

The Dancing Fish

The Ogre

Lady in the Water

While Robert and Laura and the kids were here, they also went to the Coca-Cola factory. Daniel and I figured it would be best to go another time. Arizona is too young to be interested and we would have more time to really enjoy the tour. I also want to go to the CNN studio tour. Anybody want to come visit and I'll take you?

Each week I will post a few phrases or words that Arizona has said recently. Since this is the first time I'm posting this, here is the complete list.

Bye bye                        No!
Hi                                  No more
Where'd it go?              Hot!
Go!                               Wee! Wee!
Go play!                       Eye                   
Go away!                      Mine
Papa (grandpa)
Gandma (Grandma)

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