Friday, August 30, 2013

Week of Adventures

My mom informed me a few weeks back that she would be able to come out and visit. I was super excited to have her come out and spend time with us since Daniel had a busy week of school ahead. I had everyday planned out and we would discover new places together. 

My mom got in on August 25th- Sunday afternoon and immediately as she walked into our place, Arizona gave her the biggest hug and wouldn't let go for fifteen minutes. It was so sweet to watch and my mom was absolutely loving every second of it. I think Arizona just couldn't believe that grandma was standing right in front of her and she wanted to soak it in. 

We started our week with just some general grocery shopping. Nothing too exciting but we did go to Costco to purchase a lovely aerobed mattress. On Tuesday we had a mini shopping trip and went to Farmburger. This place is known for their 100% grass fed beef, no hormones or antibiotics. As clean and healthy as that sounds to me, and I give them kudos for that, it wasn't the most delicious burger I've eaten. I'll go back I'm sure. 

Wednesday I had the day planned to go to the Farmers Market. My vision of a farmers market is outdoor with different stands of fruit and chocolates and pastries. The farmers markets here are indoor and yes, huge! But I was a little disappointed driving by. And that's what we did- we drove by and left. I am still intrigued of course and will go someday soon. It's the biggest hype around here. 
Since we were so close to downtown and I had groupon tickets to the children's museum, we headed that way. As soon as we got to the door, the sign said, "Closed on Wednesdays." What the heck?! Seriously. I was not ready to leave and call it a day, we had to do something.

Luckily for us, the aquarium was across the street. And let me tell you, this aquarium is amazing! 

This small tunnel below the penguin exhibit allowed people to crawl in and stick their head up to get a closer looks at the penguins. Behind Arizona there was a sleeping penguin and she thought it was the funniest thing. 

This fish was crazy huge!! I had to hold Arizona because she got scared each time it swam by. It probably could have eaten us if it wanted to. 

The shark tank was right above our head. It was pretty impressive. 

There was this dolphin show that was pretty entertaining, but scared Arizona a few times. Overall,our last minute decision to the aquarium was perfect. She slept so well that night. Thursday, we decided we had enough with being out and about, so we went to the pool. Arizona loves wearing her sunglasses and hat. 

Arizona started to show signs of a runny nose and we kept the last few days of the week low key. My dad, brother and sister in law were set to drive to Atlanta Friday night and arrive early afternoon on Saturday. Daniel and I took the opportunity to go out for dinner and bowling with friends on Friday night since my mom was home watching Arizona. It was a well deserved evening out- we needed the break from everyday life. 

Words she now says:

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