Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Arizona is growing up

Before I get to posting more about our fun filled weekend with family, I wanted to give an update on Arizona. She turned 20 months yesterday and seriously this kid is amazing!! Last Tuesday I got a terrible cold and was exhausted most of the day. Daniel had a busy week with studying and midterms this week, so being sick was not an added bonus. I explained to Arizona that mommy was very sick and that she needed to help me throughout the day. Her common response was "yeah!" And she meant it! She sat on the couch and watched a good hour(okay 2) of Baby Einstein or her new favorite show, Curious George. I sat next to her and shut my eyes. I would occasionally look over at her and she was entranced with the show.

 There was minimal whining and when I asked her to play on her own, she did very well at that request.

She has loved to jump on the bed and I took some pictures of her that I think are so cute. 

She understands so much and responds to everything I say. 

She loves Bear, her stuffed animal that she must have at all times when she is in the house. Thankfully, she knows that when she is ready to leave the house, she must leave Bear behind. She quickly throws Bear to the ground and runs to the door. 

She loves to take bubble baths and requests "Bubbles! Bubbles!" while trying to yank her diaper off and climbing into the tub. 

She is who I would consider a very picky eater. Some nights she refuses to eat dinner and everything I place in front of her she rejects. One night she went without, but don't worry she did eat a yogurt and toasted peanut butter bread right before bed. I decided not to worry about it her eating habits anymore. I used to stress myself out if she didn't eat, but I soon realized that she won't starve and her body will decide what nutrients it needs that day. On some nights, much to my surprise, she will eat a full bowl of broccoli and cauliflower and say, "I want more!" I just refill, sit back down and mind my own business. I find that if I don't look at her, she eats better. 

Daniel and I love this little girl so much and are so lucky that she is in our lives. Everyday she makes us laugh. She is growing so fast and it's so sad to know she won't be a little baby anymore. Here are a few more shots I took of her that just melt my heart.

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  1. She is cute!!! I think relaxing as far as toddler eating habits goes is a good idea. I need to work on that. Naomi was never really picky until recently and it has the power to drive me crazy! :) I'm glad she behaved for you. Children are naturally loving creatures. ;)