Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yellow River Game Ranch

Last week Daniel, Arizona and I had a day just to ourselves. Daniel has been so busy with school work and studying that a day for family fun was much needed. A friend of ours in Atlanta told us about this farm about half an hour from us called Yellow River Game Ranch. Their slogan- Like a Zoo, Only Better! I must say, they are right! Most of the animals are behind cages, that you can walk up to and feed them. Others are freely roaming the grounds, like peacocks, rabbits, squirrels, and roosters. When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by the cockadoodle doo's of a rooster. Arizona was not impressed or excited about that. 

Slowly, she got interested and wasn't as afraid anymore. We started off by showing her the smaller animals and she liked those. 


We made our way thru the trail of animals and found the deer. Arizona loved feeding the deer crackers. She would of fed them the whole bag of crackers if we let her. We still had more animals to see so we wanted to conserve the food for them too. 

These bears were so friendly. They lifted their paws up as a way to ask for food. We threw them some crackers and they happily ate. Arizona had a few rocks in her hand which she picked up from the trail and almost threw those at the bears. We swatted those from her hand before they were released. I didn't want to be the family that irked these bears. 

The next area was the petting portion. We saw donkeys, sheep, goats and pigs. 

She didn't want to get too close to the donkey at first but warmed up to him once she realized he was completely harmless- and cute!

                  Arizona and the bobcat staring me down. 

She thought a lot of the animals behind cages were funny. She also ate most of the crackers. We had a blast and are excited to go back when she's older. 

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