Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keepin it Festive

As soon as October arrives, I'm usually brainstorming holiday craft projects I want to do for the house. I decided to only focus on Halloween and Thanksgiving this year since I will be in Chicago for Christmas.  I've always loved the idea of making a wreath for each holiday or special event. I didn't have one yet for Halloween so I found one on Pinterest that looked easy enough to make. 

Since this was hanging on our front door, I felt I needed something to decorate the inside of our home. 

Both projects cost me 20 dollars to make, and I still have lots of material leftover.

Daniel has been so busy with school and finals are next week. I'm so proud of him because he won first place in a case competition sponsored by Accenture for Goodwill. There were 11 teams and his team of four placed first representing Emory. They are in the second round now battling against other top MBA schools. If his team wins this round, they go to Maryland. By placing, the members of the team have a great opportunity to intern for a company called Accenture. They may even have a job placement post school. Here's a picture of my main squeeze looking handsome on The Emory campus. 

Arizona's favorite phrases are, "Bye! See ya!" "Look!"  "That Way!" "Rocka"- rocks. We have a Halloween family costume picked out, but I haven't quite said what it will be yet since I want to make sure we have all the materials and getup for it. The reveal will be in my next post. 

Arizona has a friend here in the complex she plays with basically every day. They have become close friends and she can now say her name.....sort of. She says Auta. The little girls name is Autumn- she's one month younger than Arizona. They play so well with each other and I can just see them chatting away once they get a little older. 

Here are a few shots of Arizona with two of her favorite things at the moment. Chalk and Rocks.

                     We sure love this little girl to pieces. 

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