Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall colors

It's been 4 months since we left our home state of Illinois. We've heard from many people that the Fall in the South is spectacular. I envisioned beautiful Fall colors and crisp air. I received both, but much later than expected. The leaves on the tree are still beautiful oranges and reds and the afternoons are in the mid 50's to an occasional mid 60's here and there. I must say this weather situation past the summer months is awesome. We took advantage of the warm weather and went on a walk at Mason Mill Park. 

                Of course, she had to bring her rocks and add to her collection. 

We also visited the Country Living Fair which took place at Stone Mountain. The day was much cooler but it didn't make a dent in our day. Arizona loved weaving in and out amongst the people around us. She said hi to almost everyone and loved getting the attention back. 

There were so many vendors who sold handmade products. I wanted to buy everything!! 

                 We took a small break to eat lunch, cupcakes and hot chocolate. 

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