Friday, November 15, 2013


I had thought about Halloween for a good two weeks. I knew I wanted to do something unique, so I searched all over Pinterest and googled family themed costumes. I decided that as long as Ari is young enough to not really now what Halloween is about, I can dress her up to match with us. I found a photo of this family who was dressed up as characters from the Hunger Games. 

I would be Effie, Daniel would be Ceasar, and Arizona would be Katniss. Well, that didn't happen and I was scrambling last minute for a costume that was cheap and could be done in two days. 

This is what we did! Superman, Lois Lane(trust me, a few people wondered who I was and after I told them, they still seemed a little confused). And Arizona was Supergirl. I think we fit the part pretty well. 

At our ward Halloween party, they had a trunk or treat and games for kids in between the cars. Arizona was having a blast with this one in particular. 

       She loved watching the other kids play. 

Arizona and I also attended a Witches Lunch. A few girls from my ward planned this party for all the moms and their kids. It was a lot of fun and Arizona loved being around the other kids. 

Eat the donut off the string. Arizona is the one in orange with her hands behind her back. She thought the whole thing was funny. 

She also really enjoys babies. I caught her checking on baby Cam a few times. I thought it was so sweet.

Me and my girl enjoying her second Halloween together. As you can see she's eating a cookie(one of 5 or more she had). She was too sugared up to take a nap that day. Oh well,  it only happens once a year right? 

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