Monday, November 18, 2013

Children's Museum

When my mom was here in September, I had already purchased my groupon tickets for the children's museum. We drove out to the city and when we arrived, the sign in the door said- closed on Wednesdays. Guess what day we went....Wednesday! Well, at least the aquarium was just across the street. So, as I was going thru my groupons again, I realized that I still had it and it would be expiring in two weeks. 

I pictured a great big space with separate rooms that divided the play space based on age. I guess I just assumed it would look like the children's museum in Chicago. This place was much smaller- but considering the price difference, you get what you pay for right? (Chicago-$32.50 per person, Atlanta-$12.75 per person). We still had a blast and here's proof.

Arizona jumped right into painting and loved every second of it. When she finished her paint, she said, "I want more!" This little girl craves creativity. 

They had this section of food and shopping carts. Arizona loved playing in the fake kitchen. Pretty much everything went in the microwave. 

                                She is also completely obsessed with slides.

They had this learning section in the back for older kids. The theme was money. Here we are as bank tellers, brings me back to my Harris days.

The fishing was a lot of fun too. She got her sleeves so wet and enjoyed catching all the fishes- or as she likes to call them, pez (fish in Spanish).

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