Friday, December 20, 2013

Heading home for the Holidays

Every year, I send out a Christmas card and I usually like to have an outdoor location as our picture of choice. We went out to Lullwater Park in Atlanta- right on the Emory Campus. It was a cold day but not as cold as I remembered it the year before. We went out with the Hoyt's, another LDS couple that live in our complex. It turned out really well, cause they have a 2 year old and she was making Arizona laugh, which gave us great smiling pictures of her. 

The plan for the holiday season this year was that Arizona and I would fly out to Chicago on the 23rd of November. Daniel wouldn't arrive until Dec 16th, so I would be in Chicago with my family for three weeks. I had a baby shower to plan for a good friend of mine on the first weekend of December, so I needed the time to prep and plan. It was great to have Daniel back again when he arrived.  He feared that Arizona would forget him but she was beyond excited to see him. I couldn't be anywhere near her, she only wanted her Dada. 

Since being back in Chicago, Arizona has had a blast with her cousin and Abue(Grandma).

   She loved setting up the Christmas tree. Now, she mostly just likes to pull the ornaments off. 
    Playing and eating "nanas" with her cousin Jacob. 

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