Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

TChristmas this year was great! We decided that we wanted to spend a whole week in Jacksonville for Christmas  since this year was the Atkins on year. We arrived on Thursday the 19th and had the luxury of staying in the newly built upstairs attic. Daniel's dad created walls to create a bedroom, a hallway and a bathroom. I wish I had taken pictures of that, it turned out really nice. We had family over every night for dinners. Arizona attached herself to her cousins- especially Lily(8). And Eli(9). She had a blast just following them around and interacting with the rest of her cousins. 

                                                  Arizona sitting on Eli's lap. 

I was worried about how she would interact with the family dog, Tanner. It turns out she just couldn't leave her alone. I think Tanner escaped into the bedroom a lot just to get away from Arizona. Kids aren't the most gentle with pets, and many times Arizona felt that laying next to, on top of, and pushing Tanner was fun. Poor dog- but she is a really good dog too. 

On Christmas Eve we had a less formal meal-red, white and green was the theme. We also did the cousin exchange gifts and couples exchange gifts. 

This year she really got into opening the presents. It was fun to see her face light up when she got something she really enjoyed. 

       Sitting and eating her favorite cookie- Oreos. 

Every odd year we have a formal. This started November 2006- at Daniel's sisters house. As a back story- Daniel and I had our first date at the beginning of November. After that first date, Daniel said he felt really good about asking me to their first family winter formal. When he asked me, I was a little shocked. I mean this was our first date, I barely knew him and he was now inviting me to go meet his entire family!!! So, I said yes. Haha. I'm glad I took the leap and he did too. 7 years later, we are still dancing and Arizona gets to enjoy the festivities as well. 

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  1. Arizona is going through such a fun stage. I'm sure it comes with bits that are not very likeable (tantrums), but overall I think age 2 is way underrated. :) It gets funnier and sweeter every time.