Monday, January 13, 2014

Arizona's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe our baby girl is 2! I remember the sleepless nights, the body aches, the constant rocking to sleep and thinking- this is never going to end!! When will I feel normal again?! I need my sleep! Two years later and here we are and thankfully she is sleeping 7-7 every night. She takes two hour naps and sometimes asks to take a nap! I love this kid. She is a ball of energy and always has something to say. When you leave the room and are gone for a while, she yells out, "Mom! Where are you?!" And once she finds you, "Mom, what are you doing?" She is always curious and very friendly. She says hi to anyone who walks by and loves to run outside any chance she gets.  She also has the most beautiful smile! 

Here she is doing something that we find so funny. She'll run off to the stairs and sit like this. 
                  Her tilted head smile. 

We celebrated her birthday at my parents when we were in Chicago and had a very small gathering. We combined her celebration with her cousin Joselyn's birthday who was born on Jan 7th 2013. Here are the two birthday girls! 

                         I made a cake for Arizona that reflected her love of cars. 

We celebrated her actual birthday back in Atlanta. She got pretty spoiled that day. Eggs and toast for breakfast- her favorite- and Waffles and strawberries for lunch. A few of her friends came too for a playdate.  We ended the day with a trip to McDonald's. Let's just say she went straight for the ice cream. She was in heaven. 

Her grandparents, Daniels parents, gave her a rocking horse. She was so excited to open it and jumped on right away. 

                 We love our little girl so much!!! 
       Eating a small bowl of peas before bed- per her request

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  1. I can't believe she's too! I didn't think she could get any cuter!!! She's going to be a gorgeous woman. :)