Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby #2

So I think it is about time I let the cat out of the bag. We are expecting baby #2! Let me tell you, that this has come as a surprise to both me and Daniel. I had been feeling off for a few weeks and didn't really think much of it other than just working out more and feeling more exhausted. Then one day, as I was sitting at the table with Arizona playing with play-doh, the smell got to me and I just felt incredibly nauseous. I concluded that I was coming down with a terrible flu or cold, which was completely not welcomed, as I was to travel in a few days to Chicago for the holidays. 

That night, I decided that I would head off to the dollar store and purchase a few pregnancy tests. Daniel was pessimistic but I just needed to know to ease my mind. Sure enough, after peeing on the stick, two very dark lines appeared. I looked at the box to make sure two lines meant pregnant. I called Daniel to come take a look cause he needed to see this, and he said, "Are you seriously pregnant!?" Yes, yes I am!! 

This pregnancy was unlike what I pictured my second one to be. With Arizona, we struggled to conceive for two years and I always feared we would go thru the same thing with a second. Thankfully, we didn't have to stress about it and Heavenly Father blessed us with what he saw fit for our family. When I was pregnant with Arizona, I remember having a panic attack the next day. I had come to a realization that I was indeed pregnant and I didn't know what to expect. I always had a great fear of losing the baby since we tried so hard to have her in the first place. With this pregnancy, I have seen a difference. I am more relaxed and not so stressed. I know what to expect and how my body reacts to pregnancy. Of course being the hypochondriac that I am, I still worry about the little pains and changes. Currently, I am 16 weeks pregnant and have only had small bouts of nausea- mostly in the evenings. Second trimester is a relief and I have so much more energy and am showing much earlier too. Check out that little baby bump!! 

Arizona has been so excited about a new baby. Of course, if you were to ask her, what she would prefer, a baby brother or sister, she would reply with neither. I think she would really prefer a cat instead. 

She is very sweet to my belly and gives the baby kisses any chance she can. The other day, I had a belly ache( probably from the bag of flaming hot Cheetos I ate), and I voiced it aloud. She comes over to me and says, "Oh no mama, baby?" And I tell her that the baby is fine and nothing to worry about. She proceeds to lift my shirt and rub my belly saying, "baby, okay." And kisses multiple times. I know she will be a great and caring big sister. In two weeks, we find out the gender. Daniel is convinced we are having another little girl. I guess we will see. 

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  1. Congratulations again! I'm glad you didn't have to wait a long time as well. Arizon is so sweet. Reminds me of my Nomi when I was expecting Sydney. :)