Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bonding With Abi and Papa

We loved having my parents here and got to do some fun things while they were here. We visited Yellow River Game Ranch and I can say that when you go with a child- the experience is so much more rewarding. 

                   Feeding the deer. This was one of her favorites parts of the visit.

 She likes to give me sass when I take her picture. Silly girl. 
                                                       Feeding the llama

                                         How cute are these three?

We also went on a walk at Mason Mill Park. The weather was beautiful and we always love walking this path. There are joggers, families, dogs and the majority of the path is like this. It's easy to keep Arizona in. We won't have my parents back until July. Mid month we will be welcoming our newest addition to the family. 

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