Sunday, April 13, 2014

A parental visit

I love having company over and showing off the cool city we live in. This time around when my parents came to visit, Daniel and I were ready with the best places to eat and the coolest places to see. I had this long list of what I wanted to do and eat each day and envisioned perfection. Well, of course things don't always go as planned and there were some road bumps along the way. A few days before my parents were to arrive- Arizona came down with a bad cough and very mild fever. I thought, great! Perfect timing. A crabby child and a crabby momma. Well, thankfully, that sickness vanished in a matter of 36 hours and I was gearing up for their arrival. They came on Friday the 4th and drove all night- 12 hours. Of course, they were exhausted but wanted to get the grocery shopping out of the way for the week. Did I mention that I also had a long list of delicious Mexican food I wanted my mom to make?

We had a pretty low key weekend just hanging out at the house. Sunday morning I woke up and felt like a truck ran over me. My throat was sore and I had a stuffy nose. I had gotten Arizona's cold- and probably caught it from a few other people as well. Being sick and pregnant is the worst!! I was a crab for the next four days- taking a nap twice a day and barely wanting to talk because my throat burned. I was making this trip to Atlanta for my parents crappy. Or at least, that's how I felt. I'm sure they were happy to help and maybe to them it was perfect timing so that I wasn't beyond stressed with a cold and taking care of a toddler. Arizona did enjoy having her Abi and Papa here and soaked up all the attention. I mean she seriously soaked it all up. 

Wrapping Abi up like a baby and rocking her to sleep. 
Playing catch- her new favorite thing to do now and she's really good at it too!

We went to Yellow a River Game Ranch to see and feed the animals. This time Arizona wasn't as scared and wanted to feed all of them- and feed herself some crackers as well. When she had enough of giving her crackers away- she ate a good amount. 
Petting the bunny that liked nibbling at her shoes. 
Our walk around Emory campus where Daniel goes to school. 
Me and my two girls- 6 months pregnant. 

I finally had relief from my sickness on Thursday and felt like a normal person again. By that time too, my mom and I had managed to stock my fridge full of yummy Mexican food. I still remember the terrible indigestion and constant burping- but let me tell you- it was worth it. So good!! 

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