Sunday, May 4, 2014


As a child,  my family never did much for Easter- other than buying a new dress and hat. We didn't do a family dinner or an Easter egg hunt or take pictures with the Easter bunny. Now that I am a parent, I want Easter to be a bigger deal. Easter is one of Daniel's favorite holidays and he loves the idea of food and family/ friend gatherings and of course the whole purpose behind it- the Resurrection! Why not celebrate big when we are focusing our attention on the Savior this time of year. 

So, Daniel and I decided that every year we would do a nice dinner with family or friends and make it a favorite of Arizona's as well. Our ward had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and this was Arizona's first experience with it. That morning I asked if she was excited to look for some eggs. She replied, "What? Eggs are in the fridge!" 

She loved picking up all the eggs and just played with them for the entire weekend. We don't give her candy, so all the candy inside was rejected. I think she was just looking for the chocolate. We also did some egg coloring and she enjoyed that. 

Currently, her favorite color is blue so we HAD to make a blue egg for her. Daniel ate the eggs as soon as we got home. Arizona wasn't heartbroken about it. She was too involved with her plastic eggs to care. 

The next day was Easter Sunday and I always loved getting a new dress when I was a little girl- so of course I went out and bought her one. We also got her a few presents.

She is obsessed with her etch a sketch. It's her new favorite toy. We really hyped up her dress the days before Easter Sunday. She usually hates wearing dresses and puts up a fight when we try to change her. I showed her her dress the day before and pointed out the butterflies and how beautiful she will look with them on. 

She was so excited to wear her dress that morning and kept saying- "Look at my butterflies!" 

                                      Our last Easter as a family of three! 

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