Thursday, May 15, 2014

Staycation- Noah's Ark

Can I just say how nice it is to have Daniel home and to do fun things throughout the week? He has three weeks off and being a 31 weeks pregnant- it's awesome to have the help with a very active and sometimes moody toddler. We planned out our weeks in where one day each week- we would do a fun Atlanta family outing. Other days would be dedicated to swimming, daddy daughter dates, and just hanging out close by to home. Our first outing, Daniel had heard of this place called Noah's Ark from a friend. It is an outdoor habitat for abused and neglected animals. And the best part about it- it's free! The animals they have there are lions, tigers and bears oh my! Let's not forget about the chimpanzees, parrots, tortoises, cows, ostriches, roosters and other animals. I can't seem to pronounce their names. 

We told Arizona that we would see some lions and tigers and she asked occasionally on our hour long drive, "I want to see a cat momma!" "I want to see the lion." When we arrived she kept bringing it up again and so we went straight to that area to find them. I wish I had captured her reaction to seeing the tiger. Her eyes were so wide and her mouth open in amazement. I think she was expecting a cute little kitten- but she got a large tiger instead. She stared in amazement. It was the cutest thing. 

                                                              Petting the cow

                                         We were looking at the bear- sleeping. 

   The Chimpanzee- or Rafiki as we named him. 

I caught Arizona busting a move when she was walking behind us. She loves to dance!

Whenever we left an area, she didn't forget to say bye to that specific animal. When we finished walking around the entire habitat- she said goodbye to the animals and told them to go to sleep. She was very exhausted by the end of the trip and asked to go to sleep once we started to drive back home. It's been a while since she has fallen asleep in the car- and not surprised, she was too distracted with the light peering in the windows and us sitting in the front seats that she refused to sleep a wink. We had an awesome time. Next week- the aquarium!! 

Here's a Mothers Day shot I got from last week. I love being this little girls momma. 

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