Saturday, May 31, 2014


The last time we went to the aquarium Arizona was 18 months old. She was scared to get close to the tanks then and didn't quite speak much to point out different sea life. Daniel had never gone either so we were excited to experience the aquarium as a family. We told Arizona leading up to the day, that we would see lots of fishes and a dolphin show.  I was really expecting her to be more into it than what she was. She would get excited and run up to tank, put her hands on it and then say, "All done! Let's go!" I guess as a child you just don't have the patience to look at a fish swim back and forth. 

                        "Arizona! Look at the camera! I want to take a picture of you!"

                       A large squid

This time around at the dolphin show, she was on the verge of tears. There is a loud/scary point in the show where strobe lights come on, and the music gets louder. She was not a fan of that and needed me to hold her thru the rest of the show. She did like the dolphins jumping in and out of the water though. 

Our last week of having Daniel home we kept it pretty low key. We went to the park a lot cause Arizona is obsessed with the blue slide. She climbs up it and then slides down but never uses the stairs to get to the very top. We also went out for dinner at Doc Chey's, a Chinese restaurant. I just had the biggest craving for their fish tacos and Arizona loves Chinese food. Daniel starts his internship on Monday and we are 7 weeks away from becoming a family of four. To say, it doesn't freak me out a little, would be a lie! 

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