Monday, June 9, 2014

We have friends!

I will be the first to admit that I didn't think Atlanta would have such a pull on my heart. Before we moved out here, I was convinced that two years would fly by, and I would be okay with saying goodbye and dancing my way to the airport. A year has come and gone and we have one more year left. The thought of going back to Chicago is exciting but also a little sad. I have great friends and love where we live. As a reminder to my blog readers- we live in a complex where 6 other LDS couples live. At first, I thought- okay, that's convenient. If I need flour, or sugar, I can run over and grab it from them. We'll probably see each other occasionally for play dates or just walking around the premises. But, it has been so much more than that and I love living so close to great friends. 

Our girls night! We go all out for girls night and we try to have it at least once a month- but lately it's been multiple times a month. These girls are awesome! We talk about everything and anything- of course that's how it should be- it's girls night! Daniel is all for me going to girls night cause it's a nice release for me from my mom duties. But I know he's also secretly worried that I bash on him. Now, why would I do that- he's the greatest husband!! This is not sarcasm people- he really is a great man. Daniel also noticed the other night that our girls nights have extended into the late hours of the evening. We just can't help it- we like each other too much!

We also have playgroups once a week. Arizona is getting better at playing with other kids but occasionally will pout or be upset about a certain toy that someone else is playing with. The typical two year old tantrums. Now that it's summer, we play at the pool and will run into some friends there. On most occasions, if we are just out walking or playing in the tennis court, we'll bump into each other and have our little chats. 

A few weeks ago, one of the girls in our group moved on to the next stage of her and her families life. Daniel and I hosted a taco potluck dinner to bid them farewell. In any group friendships- there is that staple couple or staple person that just keeps everyone together- and it was The Hoyt's. They will be missed. Here are some pics from the party. 

                                    Lindsey, Whitni, Steph, me, and Rosey

                             The Partridges', Sheltons, Staheli's, us, and the Hoyt's.

I've also begun to notice how much I like to throw get togethers at my house now that people live so close. It also doesn't hurt that our place is much bigger than the last places we've lived at. And speaking of get togethers- we do Sunday potlucks at least once a month as well with our group of friends.
Yes, the inevitable will come and we will have to move on. But for now, I am going to soak up this luxury of living so close to friends. I seriously don't know what I'm going to do when we move into a house and I can't just walk over to another friends house so our kids can play together. Maybe I'll just stalk out a few lds families in a subdivision who have kids around the same age as my kids. I think it's a plan!!

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  1. I just love us! I'm so glad you finally decided to love Atlanta. No more Chicago for you :)