Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekend Booked!

We haven't had a weekend in a while where every possible hour of the day was booked. I 
Iike to stay busy and have fun activities to do, but as an 8 month pregnant woman- I am now feeling it. I know, I bring up that I'm pregnant and get tired quickly a lot, but it's true! I can't deny it! Sometimes I think I can handle it and then when all the excitement is over I feel it in my bones, back, and feet. I sometimes like to overwork myself thinking, if I have all this energy now- use it! Be productive! So, now to answer the question- what was it we did this weekend that has caused so much exhaustion?" Well, let me tell you.....

On Saturday, my fabulous friends Anna and Kaitlin threw me a baby shower. It was very sweet of them to do considering that this was my second little girl. They did a diaper shower which turned out fabulous cause let's face it- diapers are a big deal in a new babies life. I am stacked with clothes that Arizona used to wear and believe it or not people, Arizona spit up at most five times. She was the best baby post feeding. All of her baby clothes are in mint condition. So, goose shouldn't really feel like she's getting hand me downs- at least not until she wears the spaghetti stained 2t clothes. 

The food setup. I was obsessed with the chicken sandwiches- so good. Silly me forgot to the take pictures of the guests and myself with the amazing girls who threw me the shower. 

That evening we went to a Braves game. Daniel got two box seat tickets to the game provided to him by the company he is working for, AT&T. I've only sat in box seats once before for a White Sox Game and it was so much fun. The perks of box seats are free food, a dessert cart( which for some reason, didn't make it to our suite that night-I won't complain too much about that). The view to the field is pretty good- better than noise bleed seats of course. And since Atlanta summers are so hot- it's nice to not have to sit in the sun or in uncomfortable seats. 

Growing up, my brother and I would catch a few braves games on TBS. We loved the tomahawk chop that the fans do. It's such a different experience when you're at the field and just feel the electricity from fans chanting around you. It was really cool. We were down by 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth. I was pretty convinced we weren't coming back and wanted to leave to avoid traffic. Daniel was insistent we stay to at least the end of the game. Bottom of the ninth and the Braves rally back to tie 5-5. It was so fun to be there during the comeback. We did leave though after the ninth inning as the game was heading into extra innings. Thankfully we did....the traffic was non existent and the game went into 13 innings- ending around 12:30.

The next day we celebrated Father's Day and Arizona and I got Daniel a box of turtles chocolates and a watch. He is a wonderful dad and Arizona adores him. 

She gets so excited to see him in the evening and occasionally throughout the day she'll ask to see dada. 

I love these two! This is from a trip we took to Utah when Arizona was 6 months old. 

We planned on keeping Fathers Day low key until I received a phone call from my sister in law Laura. They were in Nashville, TN and were hoping to make a pit stop in Atlanta to see us!! We were so excited to get a visit from family. We welcomed Laura, Robert, Connor, Emma and Mom Atkins around 6 pm Sunday evening. I made enchiladas and Daniel made oatmeal cookies. Arizona loved watching Connor and Emma run around and laughed so much. She said a few times throughout the week that they were SO funny!! Oh, how I love my family!! 

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  1. 13 innings?! Sheesh! That's unreal. I'm so glad the monitor thing worked out so you two could go. A good date night is always needed! If you need a few before the babe arrives let us know, we'd love to take that cute little girl anytime!