Tuesday, August 26, 2014

AT&T Internship

Daniel finished his AT&T internship on August 15th. He had a choice between going a full 12 weeks or 10-11 weeks. He chose the 11 week option and that gave him a good week home before he started school. It was nice to have him around for a week to help out with the girls. The downside to Daniel being home all day though is Arizona's attitude. Now, she is completely obsessed with her daddy and soaks up all of his attention. I mean ALL of his attention. She is constantly asking him to carry her and it's great and all the first few times but then it gets out of hand and she is asking all day long and if she doesn't get what she wants- a tantrum ensues. Thankfully, she hasn't asked me to carry her. It mostly stopped when I reached my 40 week pregnancy mark and could not physically pick up my 30 lb 2.5 year old. She has gotten used to it and just doesn't ask me anymore. It's now become,"hold my hand mommy." 

Okay, back to the internship.

So, according to Daniel he absolutely loved the internship. It was a much different environment from his work in engineering. Let's just say, the whole level of responsibility and work dynamic was much more friendly and beneficial to his spirit. I'm just glad he would come home smiling and happy as opposed to miserable every day. I was a little pessimistic about this MBA route at first, but seeing how much happier he is, it's definitely been the best decision. 

Daniel worked on the user guide for the AT&T box set and had to break it down to fewer pages. At first glance of this initial pamphlet, it would be hard to break it down and find places where deletion was okay. I know it would be hard for me to figure out. But he was able to go from 44 Pages to 32 pages while adding a lot of new content.  He also put together a presentation that focused on roommate shared cable and internet services. Nearly everyone has had a bad roommate and he was focusing on making that experience easier.  Even though he did a lot for that project he wasn't able to present it to the CMO (apparently an important person) since he was at the hospital taking care of me and Brielle at the time.  Other teammates presented it and it went over really well, especially his ideas.  But his main project was developing a system to monitor over 40 million yearly communications from AT&T to its customers.

Daniel did receive a full time offer from the company which is awesome because that means they really like him and the work he did. I had no doubt he would get an offer. He works hard and is super smart. He has until October 1st to yay or nay their offer. Also, the stipulations with this offer is that he can start his first round- in either Atlanta, Chicago, or Dallas. It would be great to head back home and be closer to family but Dallas is sounding pretty enticing. Who knows where we will be in a year. Time will tell. 

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