Thursday, August 21, 2014


On August 15th, I turned 28. I'm getting close to the number 30 and I can't believe I'll never be in my twenties again. I told Arizona my age and she looked a little shocked. I don't think she actually knows what age means- but her facial expression was priceless. She has really been into taking selfies lately. Well, this is with my assistance- if she takes matters into her own hands, you'll get a picture of her forehead. 
                         Like this one. 

                            Or this one.

On my birthday, I was surprised with a balloon and gift by my bedside. Daniel is definetly the best husband I could ever ask for. He picked out some really cute sandals, nail polish and gave me a gift certificate to a salon/spa. I've been wanting to get my hair done for a long time. And it seems like a lot of women who have newborns want to make a change physically. Hair is usually a big one. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do, but chopping it all off is not an option. I'm really liking my long hair. 

The birthday cake Daniel made me. He asked me the night before if we had a boxed cake mix and I said- "Oh! You're making me a cake? I have this awesome recipe on Pinterest that I want to try out." Well, I didn't realize that it would take Daniel two hours to make and an extra trip to the grocery store to pick up more confectioners sugar. Did I mention that my hubby is the best! I seriously do not give him enough credit. 

We also celebrated our 7 year anniversary on August 18th. We have been lucky to have both our mothers here the last month to help with watching Arizona while we go out and somewhat feel childless again. Seriously, we had so much time before kids- now we have two- and any time out is definetly a reward. Daniel's mom stayed home with Arizona while Daniel and I went out to dinner at Maggianos. We took Brielle with us and she was the perfect angel and slept the whole time. 7 years down- and an eternity to go. 

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  1. What a husband! Very impressive. I really like those selfies of Arizona, ha! Hilarious. Can't wait to see what your hair looks like.