Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Worst Week

I'm sure 20 years from now when Daniel and I are sitting in a restaurant overlooking the beauty that is Venice Italy, we'll think back and laugh about this week and the HE- double hockey sticks that it was. First off- our AC hasn't been working for the last- Wait! Let's try-most of the summer. Not having a properly working AC unit while pregnant is pure torture. Finally, after months of complaining- mostly from me, and then Daniel ( after seeing our electricity bill), our maintenance guy replaced a part. It's been working well so far. It could be that we're not dealing with 90 degree weather anymore or that we were just plain right and not crazy! Issue one done.....for now. 

Issue 2: Our fridge stops working. This has been a two week dilemma. We noticed our fridge stopped working after our milk, butter and cheese were getting soft and downright spoiled. So, we had  the maintenance guy come- he fixed it temporarily and then it broke again. Apparently, a part needs to be replaced in the freezer and who knows when that part will come in. So in the meantime- our freezer food has found a new home and once again most of our fridge food is in the garbage. Can we get break please? 

Issue 3- I got mastisis on Monday night. For some reason this time around- breast feeding has been less enjoyable. I'm starting to count down the months till I'm done. Sad face.

Issue 4- Arizona has the flu. She woke up this morning with a 101.6 fever and threw up all over my couch and on the carpeted floors. Let's just say this place stinks, my shoulders and back are killing me from holding both girls, and I feel like a terrible mother for not having 4 arms and superhuman stength. That would make life a lot easier.  

Issue 5- I know- this is crazy! All this week too!  My phone is dead. I picked it up in the middle of the afternoon yesterday to check my messages and it refused to turn on. So, I don't have a phone and I don't know when I would be able to go to the store and get it fixed. 

Yes, this is the week from H€##. But I guess the plus side is that I had even a small amount of time to write this. So, things are looking up.... I hope. 


  1. Awww hopefully by now everything is looking up for you guys ..

  2. That is definitely not the week you'd want to experience. Though it's good that the issue with the busted AC was fixed soon after. At least you were comfortable while dealing with the other four issues that you had. Now, if only the other issues could've been solved as easily as this one. Good luck!

    Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son Heating & Air-Conditioning