Monday, October 13, 2014

Zoo Atlanta

Once again groupon comes out with the win! We scored two tickets to the zoo for 22 bucks and the kids were free based on their age. Arizona has been talking for weeks about wanting to go to the zoo and we kept telling her we would go, we would go. And finally we took advantage of it during Fall break day in Daniel's school schedule.  AZ had been asking to see the lions, and then a week later it changed to monkeys, and yesterday- it was the pandas. We saw all of those animals but she was most excited to see the pandas. 

The pandas were actively eating bamboo when we arrived. Of course, after seeing the pandas- every other black and white animal we saw afterward was, according to her a panda. Silly girl.

                 "Mommy! What's that?" She had never seen a flamingo before. 

                                  Trying to get a better view of the elephant. 

                    Brielle slept most of the time at the zoo. Isn't she just heavenly? 

AZ thought the parakeets were a lot of fun just flying around everywhere. She asked where the momma birds were. I guess she thought all parakeets were babies. 

         The typical stick your head in a hole picture. She was obsessed with these!

We had a blast at the zoo and the weather was perfect! AZ's first "real" (we've gone to petting zoos before) zoo experience was great. I think once she's older, she'll watch a little more closely when the gorillas are wrestling, or when the lions and tigers are just hanging out in the sun. 

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  1. My girls love the zoo. We got a pass to ours for the last couple of years- its great then we can stay 30 minutes or 3 hours and i dont have to worry about getting my "money worth" It somehow never gets old for them! Arizona get more beautiful every time i see pictures of her!!!