Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2 Months Old

I'm pretty behind on updating Brie's stats. Its mostly because her doctor appointments land a week before her next month birthday. She goes in to see the doctor this Friday for her 2 month checkup but will be three months five days after. It's all thrown off from her stint in the NICU. I wanted to post some pictures of her as a two month old though.

A week after she turned two months old she started to smile and coo. It's so easy to get her to smile. You just look at her- smile and she'll smile right back at you. It's the best little facial expression. It makes me so happy. She loves to coo! Conversations are so fun with her- it's like we are discussing the most important and riveting parts of our day. I pulled out her playmat and Brie and Arizona love laying on it and looking up at the toys dangling from above. 

                 Arizona felt her stuffed animals would enjoy the playmat as well. 

                        Being a mommy is the best! 

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