Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Say What?

AZ has been a talking maniac lately. Here are some things she's said lately that had me rolling. 

"Mom! They're trying to scare us!"- after hearing a noise outside her window.

"Sugar! I love sugar!" When helping me make banana bread.

I lifted up Brielle to kiss her and said, "You're so yummy Brielle!" AZ says,"Mommy! You don't eat Brielle"

"Sometimes daddy is so funny."

"I cried from my eyes!" After calming down from a tantrum. 

We also bought her a big girl bed- but does she sleep in it? Nope. Apparently her big girl bed is just for pretend sleep. That stinker. Eventually- she'll make it there. 

We also went to Brielle's 2 month checkup and she is now 13 lbs. When they first put her on the scale the nurse came back and said, "She's 10 lbs!" Ummm..... Now she's not. She was 10.14 lbs three weeks ago. Go put her back on the scale again. There is no way this chunkers lost weight. So, upon my insisting- we put her back on the scale and she is 13 lbs. Way to give me a heart attack lady! All that nursing is paying off!! She is long for her age (24.25) and has a tiny head. I'm okay with that- I don't have to force her head into cute tops like I had to with Arizona. 

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