Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat

This is the first time in Arizona's 2.5 years of life that she has been excited about Halloween. For a whole week she watched Curious George Boofest twice a day. She was obsessed!! I explained to her what Halloween was all about. We had planned the previous year to dress up as characters from Curious George but time just got away from me and I couldn't execute it. So, I decided that this year it was going to happen. It also made sense to do this get up since AZ's favorite show currently is Curious George.

We didn't really have a budget for costumes so I decided to make them instead. I did want AZ to wear a monkey suit but she refused and so I was left to make ears, a tail and paste George's face on her shirt. I made Daniel his hat, tie and bought a yellow shirt at the craft store- to look like the Man in the Yellow Hat of course. I dressed up as Doctor Wiseman and Brie as gnocchi. It wasn't the best I could have done with our costumes but at least something was done. 

Our ward does a trunk or treat and we weren't initially planning on staying for the walking around to the cars part since it started at 7 and would be late for the girls. It turns out that Brie needed to nurse at 7 and so while I did that- Daniel took Arizona around trick or treating. We were in for a treat! She got so into it and after each car she ran off and yelled, " Happy Halloween Everybody!!!" With her arms outstretched. She was in heaven!! I think she just couldn't believe all the excitement over this holiday. People were giving her candy and chocolates and all she had to do was say trick or treat. It was epic!!! Daniel and I were cracking up at her exuberance and just wished we could have filmed her. It will be engrained in my brain forever and a good story to tell when she's older. 

The next day was Sunday and as we pulled into church she said- "We're going trick or treating!" Sorry kid. No trick or treating today. That was a one time deal at the church, you'll have to wait till next year. 

My sisters in law sent me two princess outfits and a pumpkin outfit for Brie. I had to space them out throughout Halloween week so she had an opportunity to wear them all. 

On actual Halloween day which landed on a Friday- we met up with some friends with church to trick or treat around a really nice neighborhood close to Emory University. The weather was cool but nothing like Chicago was experiencing (snow showers and nasty winds). I'm grateful AZ's first experience of trick or treating wasn't that! We only did two blocks- because let's face it- we don't NEED that much candy, AZ has little legs so it takes forever to get from one place to the next, and there are hills in Atlanta- it gets pretty exhausting. AZ loved running from house to house but lots of those people had dogs and AZ is pretty afraid of dogs so I had to hold her a few times and prompt her to say trick or treat. 

                                           With her friend Rozlyn.

We ate a few chocolates on the way home and were just so happy to have one successful Halloween under our belt. We're excited for more to come with our girls!!

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