Sunday, November 30, 2014

Something To Be Thankful For

I can't get over how quickly the holidays came again. Just this time last year, I found out I was pregnant again and now Brie is 4 months old!! Crazy! This year we spent Thanksgiving with Daniel's sister Chrystal, our brother in law Roger, and their two kids, Brandon and Erik. We drove to Wellford South Carolina (2.5 hours). The girls were perfect on the way there. Brie slept the whole time and AZ played and watched her Christmas show on the iPad. It's always so hard traveling with kids especially when nap times are still needed and you're having to haul everything with you just to accommodate these little humans. 

                The meal was delicious!! 
                    Post meal snuggles

We were really excited to get our Christmas tree up and Arizona was ecstatic to turn on the lights and place the ornaments on the tree. It was a team effort.

And since it is our tradition to send out a holiday card each year, we needed to get some pics of the entire family. 

It was a beautiful chilly day and the girls were really great at focusing on our posing and smiling. These girls are so adorable- why not put them on a Christmas card. Some more from the day- lots of leaves to play in.

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