Monday, December 29, 2014

It's a Christmas Eve Tradition

We arrived in Chicago on Dec. 22nd and were looking forward to seeing family. Brielle was only 2 months old when she last saw my mom and dad. She only cried the first few times my mom picked her up, but warmed up and is now all smiles. We decided to decorate sugar cookies and take them to our neighbors. AZ was so excited and told us that she would yell, "Merry Christmas!" after giving them the cookies.

Daniel had grown out a mustache in November and carried it out into December. I had gotten so used to seeing him with a mustache that when he shaved it off a few days ago, it was quite shocking. 

      My mustachioed men and cute girls. 

AZ was especially excited to see her cousins Jacob and Joselyn. How cute are these kiddos?!

The kids opening their presents. We decided this year that the kids would receive presents from everyone, but the adults would do a grab bag. We also did a Greedy Santa game, which was entertaining. (Brielle not pictured- she was asleep.)

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