Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Next Chapter

Friends and family have received our Christmas cards and know the latest news with our family. WE ARE MOVING TO TEXAS!!! Crazy, I know. Our original plan before we moved to Atlanta was to return to Chicago. Well, we got spoiled with Atlanta winters and just could not possibly return to the artic weather that is Chicago. Yes, our family lives in Chicago and being home for the holidays I am sad that we won't be coming back but on the other hand, we are super excited to begin a new chapter in our lives and become real grown ups in the great city of Dallas. 

Here are some pics of our time in Atlanta before going up to Chicago for Christmas.

      How adorable is this chick in glasses. I could just squeeze her! (Sidenote: she does not wear glasses- she was really interested in trying on a pair when Daniel went in to get his new pair.)

We did our family Christmas the Saturday before. Arizona has really started to understand that Christmas is a holiday and she gets presents. As our girls get older we want to create a limit in what they receive in terms of presents. 1. Something they Need 2. Something they want 3. Something to wear 4. Something to read. We want to keep the focus on Christ and make Christmas more meaningful for them. 

AZ has been obsessed with George. She was so excited to receive her very own George in the mail from her cousin Brandon. 

                    The aftermath.

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