Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pies, Birthday, Spring and Family

3.1415926535897932384........okay, I can go on forever, literally, but I'll spare you. March 14th, 2015- pie day was pretty epic this year. We had a small get together with friends at our place. 5 delicious pies, some gelato, and pie toppings equal a major stomachache. All worth it of course!! 

We had an apple vanilla pie, coconut Caribbean pie, baklava (pie), pumpkin cheesecake pie, and Cherry pie. All so delicious!

We also celebrated Daniel's 31st birthday the previous month. I made a French toast bake for breakfast and a key lime pie for post dinner dessert. He basically had the whole pie to himself since I nor the girls are a fan of key lime. I prefer my chocolate desserts. 

Spring has arrived in Atlanta and the trees are blooming!! What a beautiful sight. My second favorite season! I love the smell of the flowers and the excitement that is on AZ's face when she sees another tree filled with flowers.

 We went on a walk and captured some fun photos of our girls.

Daniel and Arizona also made a trip out to St. Louis to visit with family and witness our newest nephew's Ander Flash Atkins baby blessing. It was great for them to go and Arizona loved playing with all of her cousins. She couldn't remember a lot of their names, so she would say, "Cousin? Cousin?" 
When I asked her on Sunday if she was ready to come home and see Brielle and I, she said, she preferred to stay at Uncle Brian's house. She was definetly having fun away from home. 

                It was a great turnout for them! So much love for that little boy! 

   All the brothers- Thomas, David, Robert, Richard, Daniel, and Brian including dad- were there. 

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  1. Those trees at the Marquis are my favorite in the spring! So beautiful!