Monday, March 23, 2015

Kiddos, Kiddos

It's amazing what a few months can do to your child/children. When I look back at Arizona as a two year old- I'm so thankful that stage is over. Yes, she was smaller, squishier, and just adorable in a baby kind of way. Now that she's 3, the amount of maturity is astounding. I know mom's out there can relate- we get bored being a stay at home mom most days. I mean, there's no one to talk with, you wipe another human beings butt and smell foul odors throughout the day. You start to feel more like a maid as time goes on. So once AZ turned 3, it's like she turned into an adult trapped inside a toddler body. I can have a full on conversation with her throughout the day. And it isn't just about her stuffed animals or her favorite toy- today we talked about her fear of dogs. We truly analyzed it and got to the bottom of it. It was quite revelatory for the both of us. Lol. 

          Delivering Valentine treats to her friends in the complex.

Here are some crazy things she's said lately:

"I'm gonna make a big mess now!"
"Do we buy yogurt at the store?" Me: "Yes, we do." "That's a lot of work!"
In talking with a crying Brielle- "It's okay girl, we go home, you go to sleep."
"I like the wind! It tickles my face!"

And my favorite- "I'm so happy with you! I love my family!"

             This chick pulls at the heart strings.

She is officially potty trained. No diapers day or night. Yeah, it took us 6 months but only a handful of accidents and on her own timeline- which means less stress for me. 

She has obtained a minor obsession with princesses. She requests to wear a princess dress and do her favorite move. "Twirl! And Leap! And we watched Frozen for the first time a few weeks back three times. No, she's not obsessed. She has broken into a "Let It Go" rendition here and there, but nothing too crazy for our ears. 

She's in love with her sister. These girls are best friends and have so much fun together. 

Brielle is desperate to start crawling. She leans forward and tries her very hardest to move those chubby chunky legs. I'm giving her three weeks- if nothing happens- who wants her? Haha! J/k. 
She also loves her veggies. She'll eat anything green. I have to convince her to eat fruits actually. It's quite different from what I had experienced with AZ.

Her first time on a swing. Saying she loved it- is an understatement. 
       7 months old and full of sass and cuteness. 


  1. I love your girls! They are just so darling!

  2. I'll take Brielle! Haha. I can't believe AZ is so big. We haven't been gone that long but it seems like both of those girls have grown so much!