Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Halfsies!

Brielle turned 6 months old on Jan. 29th. Her stats: 16lbs 4.5oz. 27 1/8 inches- 92%. 

-She sits unassisted and loves her new perspective. 

-This chick craves attention. She loves being held, cuddled, tickled, and "standing." 
-I'm pretty sure I'm her favorite person, but if I were to be facing some sort of competition- it would have to be Arizona. Brie lights up when AZ comes into the room. AZ is her entertainment and AZ knows it too. She soaks it up and puts on a show.
-Her tickle spots are under her ribs, her sides, and close to her ears. We like to nibble her and she laughs of pure joy. 
-Brie has cried many times when I leave the room, and recently, AZ has bolted from her room running to Brielle and saying, "It's okay Brielle. I'm here. I'm here." Melt my heart will you? 

We finally took the jumper out of storage and she loves it. I searched for a picture of AZ at her age and I'm amazed at how little hair Brielle has. Where are those Mexican genes when you need them?! 

-Brie has started to eat solids. She dislikes avocado, sweet potato and carrots alone. She loves peas and carrots blended together, applesauce, bananas, broccoli and yellow squash. I have also given her bites of my oatmeal and pieces of deli cheese. She takes to eating so well and gets super frustrated if I take it away from her. 

-She enjoys bath time and is just so content sitting in her bathtub. 
-She takes three naps a day. She still wakes a few times a night to feed. I feel like it might be habitual, and not necessarily hunger. I'm working on cutting those out so I can get more sleep. 
-She nurses about 8 times in a 24 hour period.
-Brie loves to smile and scrunch her face between her eyes. I like to call it her scrunchy face. 

  Be prepared for cuteness to follow. I couldn't help myself. She is too much for words. 

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