Monday, February 2, 2015

3 Years Young

Arizona turned 3 on Jan. 9th. Her stats: 29.5 lbs, 37" in height. She was so excited to have a birthday party coming up. The weeks leading up to it, she talked about wanting a rainbow cake, rainbow clay and party hats. Most of these ideas came from the show Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. She's watched a lot of other shows where birthdays were the main focus and she took a lot of ideas from that to her dream birthday party. I took some of those ideas and themed it Color Splash. 

I always wanted to fill my kids rooms with balloons and streamers so when they woke in the morning they had a huge surprise. She was definetly surprised.

 We made a 4 layer cake, had pizza, popcorn and delicious fruit kabobs. 
We invited her friends, Autumn, Braelynn, Dane, Davis, Che Christopher, Cheyenne, Savvy, Ryan and Haiden.

 AZ decided to wear her princess dress and anticipated the arrival of her friends. As people started to come she yelled out, "Happy Birthday!" Ummmm.... It's your birthday silly! They're suppose to say it to you! It totally cracked me up. 

I can tell that she was eyeing the cake and wanted to dig in. We gathered around her and sang happy birthday and her facial expressions were priceless. The joy on her face was infectious and I just couldn't get over how unbelievably happy she looked. 

                        Opening her presents surrounded by her friends. 

She was on cloud nine the whole day and the rest of the weekend she kept saying, "It's my birthday!" Sorry to burst your bubble chick- birthdays only last one day. We just love our little girl. 

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  1. I love this last photo of her. She really is just so sweet.