Wednesday, May 20, 2015


David, Kari and Paloma came to visit us in April. It was awesome to get to meet Miss Paloma and see the interaction between both girls. Paloma was born July 25th of last year and Brielle- July 29th. It's always great when family can come by and visit. David had a conference on Saturday, so Kari and I went shopping at Atlantic Station. It was so nice to get out of the house and SHOP! A girl needs to do some shopping to unwind.

                                      The two girls playing together. 
                                                  Precious Paloma
                                                     Silly Brielle
                                  The swatting begins. Round One. 

                                Poor Brielle. She didn't have a chance. 
                          I can just see it- Best friend cousins in the future!

On Monday we went to the World Of Coke. When I was a teenager I would drink Coke everyday. I mean, I was seriously addicted. I decided I'd had enough and needed to make a change. I am not joking when I say that I had the shakes after I went cold turkey. It took a good week for me to overcome this addiction. Now, Daniel and I rarely, if ever drink soda. At the World Of Coke you can try about 30 different flavors from around the world. Surprisingly, I liked the carrot flavored one from Japan. 

Of course, Arizona was terrified of the polar bear. I blame one of the workers though cause I had prepped AZ to meet the polar bear and when she arrived, a worker asked her if she was going to be scared of him. Well, now you put that word scared in her head! Thanks a lot!! It's no surprise that she felt that way then. 

         The American Idol couch. Does anyone still watch this show? Seriously? 
Kari bought the girls matching outfits. This is them at church. How cute are they?

Arizona didn't want to be in the picture- but it seems like we got her. She's wearing a strawberry outfit too. Weekends like this really make me miss being close to family. I want my girls to get to know their cousins and grow up around their aunts and uncles. Hopefully at our next stage in life- we will have lots of visitors and likewise we'll take those opportunities to fly up to Illinois for major events. Speaking of our next stage in life..........

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