Sunday, July 19, 2015

Friendships and Outings

Of the many things I miss about Atlanta- it's these people. We had amazing playgroups each week- meeting at a park or the splash pad. The kids had the best time together and all of us moms got along so well.

Brielle loves the sun. She looks darling in her new bathing suit. 

Arizona and Che became close friends while in Atlanta. These two are so full of energy together.
Enjoying chicken fingers, fries and a milkshake together at Grub Burger. 
Faye and I hanging out one last time before I leave for Dallas. We had lots of laughs together! 

A hot summer day playing outside with her friend Braelynn. 
             On a walk around the complex.
             These girls love the pool. 

Daniel met up with his sister Chrystal and her family camping in North Carolina.
                          Oh you know, just hanging out by the fire, enjoying life. 
           These two acting silly together.  Erik was really good with Arizona and even gave her two of his toy cars as she was leaving.   Below is Arizona playing with their new dog Max. 

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