Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Atlanta

We made a trip to the temple as a family for a family home evening night. Arizona was so excited to see the temple and even more so now since she started to learn the primary song, "I love to the temple." She has been singing it every chance she gets. 

We enjoyed a small picnic on the temple grounds. It was a Monday- so no one was there except the landscapers. It was a hot beautiful day. 

     Arizona took these shots- which explains her absence. 
So the final weeks of leaving the Twin Oaks Ward- a new family moved in. They have a daughter named Arizona and we were ecstatic to have them take a picture together. Our AZ was beaming to meet baby Arizona. Keeping the Arizona name alive in Atlanta- we love it!! 
We have loved living in Atlanta the last two years. We made many friends and hope to keep those friendships going as time goes on. From one hot state to the next we go. Goodbye ya'll. 

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