Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1st Birthday

Brielle is ONE!! I can't believe it. I seriously feel like I just popped her out yesterday. Well, not just pop her out- cause that girl caused immense labor pain for many hours. Thanks a lot Brielle! I still love you! Since moving out to Texas about a month ago- we already got our first visitors. Daniel's sister and her family live in Houston and they had a planned vacation to visit mom and dad in Jacksonville. On their drive to Illinois- they decided to drop in and visit with us. turned out to be perfect because it was Brielle's birthday. I was lamenting that we wouldn't have friends or family for her birthday when we moved here but having 4 extra little girl cousins in the house to celebrate with us was so amazing. Thanks for coming Mather's, and for taking the pictures. 

      The girls- Quinn, AZ, Tess and Kate. Not pictured are Brielle and Sawyer. 

Sarah mentioned that these two- Tess and AZ had very similar voices and faces. I totally agree. They're so crazy cute. 

We got some pizza and made two cakes. One big one for everyone and a smash cake for Brielle. I was really curious to see how Brielle would react to the cake since we never have given her sweets. AZ sunk her head into her smash cake and dug in for real. I'm not the least surprised considering that now AZ is obsessed with chocolate and anything sweet. That girl has a major sweet tooth. So, as we put the cake down in front of Brielle- she takes a good hard look, pokes it a number of times and Daniel has to show her how to eat it. It took about a good five minutes for her to come to realization that this round icing filled thing was delicious. She scraped her finger on the icing and took a lick. She was convinced. In went her fingers and she just kept eating along. We let her have it for a while until we had to cut her off. I didn't want a crazy sugared up baby the rest of the night. We went swimming as well and then Sarah and her family had to hit the road for the long 10 hour car ride. 

Some developments that Brielle hit:
She is an official walker. I was a little worried how her walking would affect my everyday life. I thought I would have to keep a closer eye on her- but most everything in our house is already kid/baby proof so that wasn't a concern. I wasn't sure how Arizona would be around a walking/wobbling Brielle. AZ was really excited when Brielle took her first steps but overestimated how unbalanced she still is. Brielle still hits the floor a lot and some of those times are when AZ is running full speed and pushes her. It's that sisterly love I tell ya. 

Brielle knows the names of certain things- like baby, nose, up, eat, hug, kiss, shoes, etc. I guess the basics of everyday life. She is really good at blowing her nose- yes!!! The worst is when a baby has a cold and you just can't get them to blow it all out- well- Brielle has figured it out and she actually enjoys it. 

She has started saying "amen" after we have our meal prayers. Daniel and I started to recognize it whenever we got to finishing our prayers- she would jump in and say amen. It sounds more like "ama." 

Brielle also has this immense love for water. Splash pads are her favorite. 

            She also gives the best hugs. 

Brielle loves food. She tries anything and eats almost everything. Lately, she's been throwing her veggies off her tray. The throwing food stage has begun. Ugh! She is still nursing strong- about 4 times in a 24 hr period. I nursed AZ up until 13 months but she decided on her own when she was done. I'll let Brielle make that choice. 

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful girl in our family. She brings so much joy to our lives. It's amazing seeing the relationship Brielle and Arizona have. I hope they continue to love each other as they grow. On to the next stage....toddler tantrums. Oy! 


  1. Has it really been a year? Crazy! I'm so glad you had family to celebrate with. Davis refused to eat his smash cake and didn't even eat cake for his second birthday either. Weirdo. As for the friends? I'm sure it won't be long until you're being overloaded with so many. You and Daniel are too awesome and the secret will be out soon I'm sure! Happy Birthday Brielle! You're welcome to marry either of my sons..... :)

  2. Seeing your table by the door brings so many memories