Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happenings In Texas

It has been 3 months since we moved to Dallas. Our initial thought- it is so flipping hot here!! We thought we understood the heat from living in Atlanta for two years- but this heat is no joke. We had what seemed like an eternity, temps up into the triple digits. When a "cold front" came thru and dipped the temps into the 90's- it was amazing! We ran outside, we played for hours, we made it to the park....once. Okay, it was still hot, but that ten degree difference, made a difference!! We are now in the mid 80's during the day and 60's at night. It's perfect weather. I can get used to this. 

AZ had been begging to fly a kite for a while. It is always windy here, but a good kind of wind. It doesn't feel like the crazy wind you get in Chicago. It's a nice breeze that's just always around. 
                              Backseat buddies. 

Daniel started his job in July and loves it. He leaves the house around 6:30 and is back home around 4:30. I love having him home before dinner, so I can prep the meal without two little girls hanging at my legs. Speaking of the girls, Arizona misses her Atlanta friends and asks to go see them all the time. I really think we got spoiled with having friends live in the apartment complex for so long. We are trying to get her to make friends here, but I think it will be easier once she starts sunbeams in January. The kids in her nursery class are a little young- sorry AZ- you got a late birthday. 

AZ has been taking a ballet/tap class which she loves. Monday's are her favorite day. Daniel is off from work so he usually has a daddy daughter date in the morning, followed by her ballet class at 4, and family home evening. She loves fhe. She asks if we can do fhe every night. Heck, I would want fhe every night if it meant bowls of ice cream and chocolately desserts. Bring it on!!

Her ballet performance. We received an email last week from her teacher- telling us that she was one of the top three students in the class. We are so proud of her! 
AZ painting. She loves drawing, painting and coloring. I hope she gets the Atkins gene for artistic creativity- cause she can't get enough of it. 

Brielle is cuter than ever. I'm telling you, I am obsessed with that child. She has her moments of meltdowns but what kid doesn't. She has the biggest smile and says bye bye to everyone. She is attached to me and refuses to give any of us kisses and hugs if we ask for them. She is the best though at giving hugs and wraps her little arm around your neck when it's convenient for her. She loves dogs and gets so excited when she sees one- but does not want a close encounter. 

The girls have really become best friends. AZ is an amazing big sister and really looks out for Brielle. Many times when Brielle falls and cries out- AZ will come running in from the other room saying, "Oh no! Brielle! My baby sister- it's okay! Don't cry!" And she'll try to console her by rubbing her head or her arm. Now, any person would thank AZ for her concern, but not Brielle. Instead, Brielle cries even more and proceeds to smack Az's hand away. AZ, thinks this is Brielle's way of saying thank you and says to her, " I love you too Brielle." Man- I love these girls. 

We made a trip out to Houston a few weeks ago to visit Daniel's sister Sarah and her family. It took us about 4.5 hours to get there. Both girls did an amazing job in the car and loved the weekend with cousins. We went to the beach and had a double date. It was a great weekend with family. 

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  1. Dude I've been waiting for an update forever! I can't believe how much Brielle has grown! That sisterly love is beyond adorable. What a great work schedule for Daniel to have...for both of you. That dinner time help must be nice with all the yumminess you throw down. Any recipes I should know about? Love and miss you guys!