Sunday, November 8, 2015


What an awesome Halloween! I was on top of it when it came to making the costumes. I had my idea set in mid September and started to make the costumes a week later. It  was a very stress free process and it also helps when your hubby is completely on board. It took some convincing to get Arizona to wear her costume- she wanted to be a princess so I twisted it by saying she could be our Candyland princess. We bought the girls costumes and made ours. Daniel was a box of nerds, I was a gum ball machine, Arizona, the Candyland princess and Brielle- a strawberry gumdrop. The girls were so excited to be dressed up and run around the church for our trunk or treat. 

Weeks leading up to the trunk or treat- Daniel and I had made a banner and lollipops and gumdrops to tape on our trunk. Well, the days before, hurricane Patricia reared her ugly head and brought with her some heavy rains. It rained for three days straight in Dallas and it looked as though our trunk or treat was doomed. The forecast showed 60% rain. We share a building with two other wards and one of the wards had the building booked that evening- so we were designated to having our activity in the parking lot. Pretty much-no access to the building except to use the restroom. Not the best situation we could be in. So, after some investigation, the head of our commitee( did I mention that we were on the Halloween committee?) found a ward building that wasn't being used and we got to use their gymnasium and hallways. 
Now the ironic part of all this- absolutely no rain the day of the trunk or treat. It was a cool day but I'm sure we could have pulled it off. 

Halloween day landed on a Saturday. Daniel worked during the day and the girls and I planned our day with a library party and a party at a friends house. I tried to convince Arizona to get her face painted at the library party but she refused to. She said she was too scared. AZ makes me laughs because I see so much of me in her. When I was a little girl everything scared me too. I was always so careful and thought of the consequences of my actions. AZ is very similar to that. 

We waited until it got dark to go trick or treating with a group of friends. Here are some pics of the group. 

Apparently, here in Dallas- there is a neighborhood called Castle Hills where all the kids go to. It was pretty similar to Atlanta where we would go to a specific neighborhood for the Waffle House. It's true- this house would make fresh waffles and we were so excited to partake of its goodness. AZ loved it and it was her dinner for the night along with some chocolates. So when we drove out to Castle Hills- Daniel and I noticed that there were no kids out in these neighborhoods. Everything was empty but a few houses that had their lights on. When we pulled into Castle Hills. The place was like Party central. Families everywhere, cars taking up the streets, houses decked out in decorations. This place was legit was lacking the Waffle House. Daniel lamented that people went out of their way to go to the nice neighborhood. He's my small town kind of man and thinks that we should support the community and trick or trick just steps from our home and not a 20 minute drive away. I must say- I completely agree with him. 

AZ had a blast running from house to house. She dressed up as a fairy but had to wear a sweater since it was a little chilly outside. Brielle was confused as why she was out at night and why kids were running around. She got in on the action and ran side by the side with the kiddos. It was awfully cute she was so excited to be part of commotion. Happy Halloween! 

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  1. You guys totally rock Halloween every year! I love it!