Sunday, February 14, 2016

Holidays in Chicago

We traveled to Chicago to see my parents and family for a week. I decided we should take the train cause the girls would enjoy that experience and wouldn't be strapped down to a car seat. We were having a good time looking out the window and passing small towns until Brielle's diaper started to be a stinky mess. I knew this was bad news and thankfully, I haven't had to deal with diarrhea with either of the girls before. They've had their number of illnesses of course, but this one was something I hadn't experienced much. We arrived to Chicago earlier than expected and were happy to see my parents. We got to their place and settled in. By the time dinner rolled around, Arizona was not in the mood to eat which I don't see as much of a red flag cause let's be honest, this kid is the worst eater. She can have two bites of something and be "filled." She ate a small bowl of rice and we got the girls ready for bed. A few hours later, Arizona woke up sick to her stomach- she had the stomach flu. Joy. It was a long night and by morning I woke up feeling just as terrible. I got the stomach flu too. Both Arizona and I were miserable for two days and with Brielle being so needy and wanting my attention all the time- it was really difficult. Not only do I have a one year old clinging to me, but a sick toddler wanting me every second too. I sometimes feel like it's easier if Brielle is just sick and I can take care of her, but when Arizona is sick- it's SO much harder. Anyway, I'll get off the sick train and get to the good of our visit. We all started to feel better in three days time and decided to venture out of the house. It was actually nice to get out into the cold Chicago air. 

We went to the children's museum in Oak Lawn. The girls loved being out and playing. I have more pictures of Brielle since I was with her most of the time. Arizona hung out with her grandparents.

We got to the museum as soon as it opened and had a lot of it to ourselves. By the time we left- they were only letting people in to the number of people who were leaving. It was getting so loud and rambunctious that we were ready to get out. We had a good 2.5 hours of play time. 

      Christmas pictures by the tree.
The girls enjoyed opening presents and let me tell you- we have a lot of Anna and Elsa toys now. It's an overload but the girls love it!! We had a great Christmas even though there was a lot of sickness going around. We are glad to start the year healthy and hoping we have a good year ahead of us. 

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  1. Dude the stomach flu is the worst! That hit us too but thankfully not all at the same time. Bless your soul for enduring that. I hope it was easier having your parents to help! There's s train that goes into Salt Lake and I think Davis would love it. Cute pictures!