Monday, February 22, 2016

4 Year Old Beauty

My baby girl is 4! That seriously blows my mind and she was so excited for her birthday. Last year we did a rainbow cake and had a fun party with her friends. This year was a lot harder since we just moved to Dallas and she hasn't made very close friends here yet. It's so hard to hear her talk about her friends from Atlanta and wishing she could just walk over to their place and have a play date. It makes it all okay since her friends aren't living in Atlanta anyway. Thankfully, we do have a girl who lives in the complex that goes to our Ward. They get along well and she is excited to have a friend live close by. Anyway, back to the birthday- we were in Chicago with my parents and decided to throw her a party with her cousins there. She is obsessed with frozen so we did frozen themed party. She loved it all and was most excited for the cake. This girl has a major sweet tooth. She probably gets it from me. 

When I just had one child who loved frozen- it turned to two children loving Frozen. All of Arizona's gifts were then taken very quickly by Brielle. Because Arizona is so sweet - she let Brielle take over. 

A few things about Arizona: she is a very kind hearted, compassionate person. She genuinely cares about other people and is very observant. She loves with all her heart and is very social. She talks with everyone and sometimes I have to draw the line on how much she says. She can be very honest and I'm sometimes worried what will come out of her mouth. She makes everyone laugh and people she meets are impressed with her. I've had many others mention how mature she is for her age. 

Some funny things she says when we need to do something- "Mom, I can't right now, I'm trying to focus." 
At the park: "Arizona, what was your favorite thing today?"
                   "I don't know dad, I'm thinking too much about the underdog" (the girls love when Daniel goes under them while swinging). Also while swinging- "We need to do something about this wind."

Me-"Arizona, you are so cute."
AZ: "No, I'm not cute. I'm dangerous."

Me:" AZ, I'm heading to the temple now, I'll see you tomorrow morning."
AZ: "Are you going to see Jesus?"
Me: "Probably not."
AZ: "Oh, will he stay in his room?"

"Look at me jumping on your pillows! I mean your decorations."
This girl seriously cracks me up. Never a dull moment in this household. 

Before we headed back home, I met up with friends in Schaumburg. It was so nice to see old friends again and catch up again. It's amazing how you can just be yourself with people you are most comfortable with. 

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  1. "I'm thinking too much about the underdog." Haha! Yeah I think her and Davis would get along so well right now. Can't believe that beauty is 4!