Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our Nonstop Toddler

18 months came so quickly that I can't even remember when Brielle wasn't doing toddler things. She started walking at her first birthday, and soon after started saying so many words. She repeats most everything you say and has mastered saying Arizona's name. What took Arizona about 2.5 years to say her name, Brielle has it down at 18 months. It's the cutest thing to hear and she says it the most when she's trying to find her or get her attention. She grabs the IPad to watch her favorite shows, Curious George and Daniel Tiger. She asks for help from Arizona when playing games on the iPad. She refuses my help some of the time and enjoys when her big sister can be there to lend a hand. Another form of help is when Arizona sits next to Brielle after a walk and takes off her shoes and socks. I'm not allowed at any moment to help with that and it's so cute when there are fits of laughter coming from those two over a pair of shoes. 

Brielle started nursery and Arizona started primary- sunbeams. It would have been nice to have them together in nursery but they missed each other by just merely weeks. Arizona enjoys sunbeams so much and has acclimated so well to a classroom setting. She is very social and loves to participate. I hope to help out one day so I can witness first hand her enthusiasm for learning. She comes home and has many of be primary songs halfway memorized. I'm quite impressed with how many she knows seeing that she has only been in primary for two months now. I won't lie- I'm pretty sure I'll be a balling mess come primary program or a special performance. Brielle's progress into nursery has been challenging. She is quite attached to us and refuses to stay in nursery without us. She screams, kicks the door, gets very upset if we leave. The teachers don't know how to calm her down and it is hard to help her when all she does is push you away.  I'm not sure when she'll be able to stay without us. I hope it won't take months to a year. Thankfully, Daniel and I switch off as he is teaching Sunday school and I like being in relief society. 

Arizona giving the opening prayer in primary a few weeks ago. 

Brielle's 18 month measurements are as follows: weight: 25 lbs/ 60% and height: 33''/80%. She is growing well and is so active. It's an adventure shopping with both girls because they refuse to sit in a cart so I am pushing a cart, looking for items, and keeping great peripheral vision on these two rascals. As crazy as this sounds, it is actually much easier shopping with both than with just Brielle. Arizona keeps Brielle in check and she's like a second mother- watching Brielle too and having her keep up with me.

We love going to the park and enjoy the outdoors. Brielle loves walking around our complex, swinging and sliding at the playground, and story time at the library. She loves singing along to wheels on the bus, bicycle, and if your happy and you know it. 

She can say well over 100 words, her favorite character is Anna from Frozen, her favorite animal is a dog and I'm pretty confident in saying that her favorite person is me. She definetly is a momma's girl.  

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  1. This girl has definitely done the most changing since we've moved. It blows my mind she's already 18 months. I love that you are her favorite are everyone's favorite person!