Saturday, May 28, 2016

32 weeks

It's time to start looking huge!! Sometimes I'll walk by a long mirror and I have to stop myself and stare for a while. I mean how amazing is the human body? It's crazy that our bodies can stretch this much. Apparently, my body just loves to stretch and my diastisis recti will only get worse. Oh well. The things we go thru for a sweet little baby. It's also been funny that I catch myself saying (after swooning over other friends babies) that I want a baby!! I've said that a few times aloud and I've been reminded that I am indeed pregnant. This baby will come soon enough and I'll have lots of snuggles. 

I wish I can say that I've been active this time around. With Brielle I worked out about 3-4 times a week and with this one- I'm lucky if I find myself in the gym once a week. I've had pretty bad sciatic nerve pain so that has limited me from doing a more intense workout. I am trying to make it a habit of walking more and the girls help with that as we go out for our daily walks around the complex. I know once the summer heat cranks up- we'll find ourselves at the pool more too. Gravity working to my advantage and this baby bump will be floating and taking off the weight from my back. Hallelujah!! Bring on the heat!! 

I've had some good and some bad days physically. I usually know once I wake up if it's going to be a good day or not. I've not nested as much as I would like but with the visit from my parents coming up- I'll be putting my mom to work alongside me organizing the baby clothes. We still do not know the sex of the baby and we will not know until the birth. I've had a handful of people guess that I'm having a boy and one person say right away it's a girl. I haven't done any old wives tale tests to find out. I really just don't want to know until he/she is here. I'm truly wanting the full surprise experience. The nice part is that I have everything for a baby except of course boy clothes. If this nugget is a boy- he'll have to appreciate the girly atmosphere we have going on around here. I'm down to the single digits in weeks and it's about to get real. I hope I can survive the last two months! 

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  1. I can't believe you're 32 weeks!! Ahh! So exciting. I hate pregnancy but I love the labor experience and holding your little for the first time!! There's truly nothing like it. Stop, you're making me want another baby and Banks still doesn't sleep through the night! Heaven help me!