Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Butterfly Garden

I don't recall exactly what it was that set off her interest in butterflies. It must have been a show or a book we got from the library. She had been asking for a long time to visit a butterfly garden so she could hold a butterfly. I saw that the mall was having a small butterfly exhibit and we were excited to take her. We got in and Arizona was immediately scared of the butterflies flying around her. 

Once we convinced her that they wouldn't bite or hurt her, she was sold and was happy to hold them up close. The exhibit provided q-tips dipped in Gatorade to feed the butterflies with. 

I love her expression here. She was so excited to finally hold a butterfly and kept saying after how brave she was. I love how these little moments in life are so beautiful and simple. We love seeing the joy on our girls faces when they experience something for the first time. 
Brielle had very little fear from the get go. She was ready to snatch up the butterflies and run home with them. Once we had one for her to hold, she refused to give it up and wanted to hug her butterfly. Daniel and I had this look of fear on our face that our sweet child would be a butterfly killer. She was so giddy with excitement we had to calm her down so she wouldn't smoosh a butterfly in her hands. Don't get fooled by that innocent face....she can crush you. 

We finished off the exhibit with a face painting. This was her first face painting experience and she loved it!! She wouldn't commit to a full face painting....well, our wallet wouldn't commit. She still loved showing off her butterfly to complete strangers. 

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